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Default Re: Geforce Titanium

kaboom! One sick gpu!!

GPU Name: GK110
Process Size: 28 nm
Transistors: 7,080 million
Die Size: 502 mm?

Render Config
Shading Units: 2688
TMUs: 224
ROPs: 48
SMX: 14

Pixel Rate: 51.2 GPixel/s

Texture Rate: 205.0 GTexel/s

Floating-point: 4,919.04 GFLOPS

Graphics Features
DirectX: 11.1
OpenGL: 4.3
OpenCL: 1.2
Shader Model: 5.0

Released: February 18, 2013
Bus Interface: PCIe 3.0 x16 ?

Clock Speeds
GPU Clock: 915 MHz
Boost Clock: 1019.5 MHz
Memory Clock: 1502 MHz (6008 MHz effective)

Memory Size: 6144 MB
Memory Type: GDDR5
Memory Bus: 384 bit
Bandwidth: 288.4 GB/s

Reference Board
Slot Width: Dual-slot
TDP: 235 W
Outputs: 2x DVI
1x DisplayPort

I knew it all along that that GK104 was nothing but a mid-range gpu sold for waaay to much :P
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