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I still don't get one thing. Why the HELL don't nvidia release their drivers as OPEN SOURCE!???

It would be beneficial 1. to the users, who now have access to the source code and can help fix bugs, and therefore 2. to nvidia themselves, since they would have the entire unix community helping them to develop better drivers.

Personally, other than games i'm really reluctant to using a bundled, bolted-shut piece of software for which the source code, and any kind of specifications, are kept locked up away from me for i don't know what purpose.

I remember a while ago i had issues with a piece of **** geforce2 card, and e-mailed several addresses that were listed on nvidia's site. They answered my questions on several topics, but the assholes completely -IGNORED- any reference to open source drivers. I e-mailed them again to AT LEAST have an idea what their position was face to this, never got any reply.

What possible loss could nvidia, or anyone, suffer from releasing open-source drivers??!?!??
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