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Originally Posted by AngelGraves13 View Post
This looks nothing like the demo they showed. Seems they made the demo from scratch and it's nothing like this game.

First Duke Nukem and now this... If it wasn't for Borderlands, I'd say Gearbox is a terrible developer.

I'll wait for it to hit $10 this summer.
See the thing is gearbox took the game on while they where in the middle of other projects, they gave ACM to a smaller Dev company and this other company made most of the game while gearbox made the demo video we all seen. Gearbox have stated they knew the game was gonna get bad reviews but had to release the game the way it was because Sega where threatening with law suits due too gearbox pushing the title back 3 times already in the past.

When gearbox got too test the game they where about to release they where apparently fuming with what the other Dev company had done with the game.

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