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Post The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for waking up tired because you spent so much of the day before playing Planetside 2. Why isn't everyone in the world playing that awesome game? It's a mystery no man can understand. While we ponder such strangenesses, we can also look for clues in the writings of the internet. Behold.

  • Over at the Guardian, Keith Stuart asks: Is frustration an essential part of game design? 'From here I thought, well, is frustration part of game design or a failure of game design? Certainly, frustration has been there from the beginning. Eurogamer writer Christian Donlan once interviewed Eugene Jarvis, the creator of early and immensely difficult arcade titles like Defender and Robotron ' he claimed that he would visit arcades and inspect the coin-op cabinets of his titles, feeling immense pride if they had clearly been kicked or punched.' (moreā?¦)

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