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Post Guild Wars 2 Balances Things With The Spirit Level

It perhaps goes without saying ' although after typing this I realise we said it anyway ' that Guild Wars 2 will be busy this year. The updates have begun to materialise with customer-luring intent, and the closest of these is a big old PvP update, with a new map called Spirit Watch, which I assume is the afterlife version of something presented by Chris Packham. There's a video of that below, and small stash of details over on the ArenaNet site. They explain: 'In this map, we combine our established conquest gameplay with intense capture-the-flag gameplay'except instead of a flag, players will battle over the glowing Orb of Ascension!' Woo! No one likes flags, anyway. This is the 21st century, for goodness sakes!

The update appears on the 26th. Video below, of course.

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