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Default Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Finally beated the game after just 3 days.

Anyway despite all the negative posts and reviews, the game is as good as Aliens VS Predator 2010, great storyline set in middle of Aliens and Alien 3. Surprised to see Hicks alive and the end came with a cliffhanger after Bishop said "We got everything" after downloaded data from a damaged Bishop clone.

It made me wondered why Gearbox changed the graphics artworks and models in the final version. They should leave it alone from the demo and built from here to the final, not build from scratch! The graphics and models from the demo was much better than the final version.

I hope to see a sequel of Colonial Marines in future to take down Weyland-Yutani Corp.

Think I will start the game again with Ultimate Badass difficulity and get every audio logs, dog tags and legendary weapons.
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