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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce 314.07 WHQL drivers

Originally Posted by Vasot02 View Post
I do not have any issues with Farcry3
Works fine here

Either your card is faulty or you have overclocked you card that's why you have artifacts

This is the type of stuff I see. It's not the standard artifacting that you'd expect out of overheating or video card failure (i've had 2 video cards die to that to experience what those look like). I have mine at stock speeds and it's not factory overclocked.

eVGA Precision reports that the video card doesn't even break 70C while playing the game when this occurs. I don't seem to be an isolated case as this seems to be reported multiple times on the Far Cry and nVidia boards across various cards (I use an nVidia 660 so it's a fairly new card). I can't report reliably that it's only Far Cry 3 mostly because the only other games i've tried recently are Saints Row 3 and Spec Ops The Line which are older games and less demanding so i'm not sure how meaningful that is.

Here's another thread on the issue with someone actually posting more detailed information including proof of temp readouts (he's not overheating) and a video of the problem as well as a GPU folding test to indicate it's not a GPU failure issue:
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