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Default Getting the error about the kernel source tree.

Hi guys, I'm trying to install the newest drivers for my GT440 graphics card. I got as far as accepting the EULA, after which it gives me this error:

ERROR: Unable to find the kernel source tree for the currently running kernel. Please make sure you have installed the kernel source files for your kernel and that they are properly configured; on Red Hat Linux systems, for example, be sure you have the 'kernel-source' or 'kernel-devel' RPM installed. If you know the correct kernel source files are installed, you may specify the kernel source path with the '--kernel-source-path' command line option.
After a bit of Googling, I found this thread that basically told me it means you need the kernel sources for your distribution. Following the instructions, I searched for "kernel" in the install/remove software widget, but it revealed nothing. There's nothing about kernel sources in there. So now at this point, installing video drivers has become much like a guessing game for me. Are there any links that would help me determine the proper files it needs? (I can do the legwork myself, it's just finding exactly what kernel sources I need.) I am running Mandriva 2010.1 x64.

UPDATE: I believe I found the kernel sources it needs using uname -r (it says I'm using if I'm understanding this correctly.) So I have downloaded the sources for this kernel. Is there anything extra I need to do? Like put in a path somewhere, or anything of that sort?

UPDATE2: Okay, I believe I've come as far as I can on this. I tried installing the NVidia drivers again, and got the same error. All I can do at this point is await your suggestions. Thank you in advance.
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