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Post Tegra 4 Performance Grabs Headlines

We unveiled additional performance information for our Tegra 4 family on Sunday, the day before Mobile World Congress, and the press has no doubt about it ' these chips are quick.

As a company we focus more on real-world usage, and we demonstrated that at CES 2013.This quad core A15 chip, bristling with 72 GPU cores, is fast in real-world applications ' as well as synthetic benchmarks.Tegra 4 enables always-on HDR, fast web browsing, and the stunning visuals demonstrated with Project SHIELD.

We've posted technical whitepapers on the Tegra 4 family's GPU, CPU, HDR, and Software Defined Radio,here.

The press like what they're seeing, just scan the headlines:
  • 'NVIDIA Tegra 4 benchmarked, breaks all sorts of speed records' ' Engadget
  • 'Nvidia Tegra 4 supercharges smartphones' ' CNET
  • 'Nvidia's Tegra 4 will make for the fastest mobile phones yet' ' PCMag
  • 'Tegra 4 Benchmarks: NVIDIA Jumps Into Hyperspace' ' Ubergizmo
We also showed that this monster turns into a mouse when it comes to sipping battery power. Tegra 4, with its second-gen PRISM technology, uses 25 percent less power than 1st gen PRISM.

Our Tegra 4 family will meet your need for speed.

Finally, we demonstrated that Tegra 4's little brother, Tegra 4i, packs a wallop. The Tegra 4i Phoenix reference platform runs sophisticated Tegra 4 games like 'Real Boxing' with ease.

It's going to be a fun year. NVIDIA engineering has gone the extra mile and delivered not only the fastest mobile processor, but an amazing single chip processor that is set to take the world by storm.

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