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Smile Re: GTX 660Ti only 705Mhz

Originally Posted by artem View Post
Please, run any Unigine demo with the same settings under Linux and Windows and check if you have the same results.

If results are indeed the same, then Linux drivers show incorrect information.
Hello Artem,

ok - here are my results:


....leaving us some questions:
If that card is really running 588Mhz less, shouldn't the results be worse by far?
Why is max FPS @ windows a lot better?
Why is power consumption in linux 10 watt less? ^^
Why are my results that bad overall? ^^

...and the best question:
If its only a cosmetical bug the the driver reporting to less speed (in both unigine&&nv-control), why is it that hard to fix it?

anyone got anything to add?
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