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Post Full GPU PhysX support will be coming to Hawken in March 5 update

Online free-to-play mech shooter Hawken will be getting a major update on March 5. This so-called 'Raider Update' will not only introduce the new Raider mech with new weapons, a new Facility map and plenty of balance tweaks, but will also add an option to enable full-scale GPU PhysX effects.
PhysX High Option: PhysX particles can now be set to High in the Video Settings menu. High (NVIDIA Only) Option will be grayed out if your computer does not meet required specifications.

So far, the game includes only a set of basic PhysX particle effects (that can be called 'Medium' PhysX settings) such as impact debris and chunks, while 'High' PhysX option should also enable APEX Turbulence based particles.

Be sure to check back on for effects comparison video and PhysX review after the update.

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