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Default The GeForce Titan

It is a lot of power for just being a single GPU,but the price should have at least been around $799 since it is faster then the GTX-680 and the HD-7970 Gig,but it is around 15% slower then the GTX-690.If you need Compute Performance then this card is top dog.But this is really for the enthusiast system builder or the person who wants the highest benchmarks.It also the person that has that kind of money.Really if you don't mind running SLI or crossfire,there are cheaper solutions.But if you are someone that wants to run a micro board and want the fastest single gpu,then it would be the one to get if you are running at resolutions of 2560 x1600 or running three monitors.IMO this should have been the top card last year,running a 384bit-buss.My two GTX-670's is faster and cheaper,plus I don't have a $1000 to buy a card.If money was'nt a problem I would be getting a pair of them and run SLI even tho there is'nt a game out that really needs it.But it is a kickass card.
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