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Originally posted by LaNcom
SnapIT may be right (well, more or less). I don't get it, maybe this has nothing to do with that issue, but I still find it interesting.
Using 64bit OpenGL software (eg. Blender compiled for 64bit, or even glxgears), the performance is very good for me. But using 32bit software, the performance drops to about 30-50% of the 64bit results. I don't know if that's an AGP issue.
Anyway, 32bit software won't use the provided by Nvidia...

BTW, I think 3DLabs is not an option (if you want to play games, that is).
I think we all know why Nvidia doesn't release the source. They could release the specs, but I don't even think we'll see that day...

PS: SnapIT, you're right, XSI's OpenGL accel _should_ work on 64bit Linux, but XSI is really picky, I think I'll have to look for a solution elsewhere.
You have your driver working with Nvidia cards? Is it possible to try it, and where do I get it? Does it work on Linux 2.6.1?
That the performance rises is not strange, using 64 bit code on the A64 is meant to go faster, the rendering times will improve if the last step is implemented too, a 64 bit driver for the agp bus, i have seen improvements as high as 12-15% but realistically the improvements are 8-10%...

I am in the process of installing XSI on SE 64bit linux, it will take a while because i have to compile it first, but i'll get back to you as soon as i have tried it...

(i don't know if you are familiar with gentoos pre-released version, but it runs just fine on that setup, are you running suse? It is the only RELEASE i am aware of)

Yes, i am currently running a quadro FX with the driver on a dual opteron system (supermicro style)... I will release the code to minion to test and then it will be available from there, i figure most linux-nv people know about his site so that would be the place to put it on...

I think i forgot to mention that 5.2-RELEASE incudes a64 support...
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