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Post Project SHIELD Called 'Technical Tour De Force' by Leading Industry Analyst

Our Project SHIELD portable gaming device has been termed a 'technical tour de force' by one of the industry's leading game analysts.

In assessing the device's competitive prospects, IDC's Lewis Ward, singles out Project SHIELD's abilities to play Android games or stream PC games from GeForce GTX PCs, and to display gaming action on its high-res 5-inch screen.

He writes, 'the device is likely to make many hardcore gamers' mouth water since all the familiar fast-twitch buttons, bumpers, analog sticks, and enough battery life are included for five-plus hours of AAA gaming action.'

Ward sees Project SHIELD benefiting further if it becomes paired with our GeForce GRID cloud-based game streaming system, also unveiled at CES.

'Hardcore gamers could go all digital and probably save a lot of money on software relative to traditional console game discs and have access to many of their favorite PC-only titles to boot,' Ward writes(you can read Ward's entire note, here).

Questions remain, to be sure. Among the biggest? Project SHIELD's price, Ward wrote.

Stay tuned.

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