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perhaps this information will make it easier to debug my problem:

I first ran my driver with the correct setup, worked fine, had no problems for 1.5 month.
Then I installed a new monitor, the X server crashed cause of failing to startup with this new monitor, so I pulled down Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to abort, it was trying several time to get X up ... so I aborted it ... I then tried to run the Xconfigurator, no success so I set everything to default, no the X server started. This time a VESA graphic card was default. When installing the new driver from NVIDIA this began to happen ... X Server runs without problem when not using ny opengl application. But when I bring up my 3d app and work in it for like 20 mins it dumps, this often happens when I do certain things like special opengl instructions ...

So is it possible that these problem have something to do with OpenGL or NVIDIA's new driver? Can this cause the Xserver to dump with signal 11 and the "monotonic" time message? Is it possible? And how do I debug OpenGL errors? The XFree86.0.log doesnt show anything more like "monotonic ..." even in verbose mode ...

All help is appreciated, dont know what to do anymore!
Thanks everybody!

// Mike
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