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Post 3D Hero System Modification for GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

The GoPro 3D Hero system for shooting in stereo 3D with a pair of GoPro HD Hero2 cameras was a very nice product to allow wider audience of non professionals to shoot 3D video on a low budget and with compact action cameras that they may already have and are used to shoot with. Unfortunately with the release of the new and improved HD Hero3 cameras (both in terms of functionality and in size) neither the 3D Hero enclosure, nor the camera synchronization cable works with the new model. You can however modify the 3D Hero enclosure to fit the new smaller GoPro HD Hero3 cameras inside as Fon Davis has show in the video tutorial embedded above that he has shared with us. Of course after the modification the cameras inside the enclosure won't be as protected as a pair of HD Hero2 cameras would, but at east you will be able to use the enclosure with both cameras secured tightly for shooting in 3D. As for the synchronization of the two cameras, the new HD Hero3 cameras come with built-in WiFi functionality and you can use a remote to trigger them. According to Fon Davis' experiments the achieved synchronization is not worse than what can be done with two Hero2 cameras and using the cable adapter to sync them.

- You can check other Fon Davis GoPro Tutorials and Experiments hereā?¦

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