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Angry Why do I need for 3ddiag?

I am using some Korean linux called Wow Linux which is based on RedHat linux.

My graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce2.

What I want to do is to install two RPM for GLX and kernel to play Full 3D game called 'America's Army'

I succecefully installed kernel RPM, but when I try to install GLX RPM,

It requires 3ddiag due to dependency.

So I found 3ddiag by using this forum.

But when I tried to install 3ddiag, I requires another RPM for dependency

which is called (I think back number is changing depends on its version)

I cannot find it anywhere

what do I have to do? where can I find it?

p.s. you may hard to understand my English... THANK U for reading
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