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Driver releases are not better organized (yet) because it is not that easy. The extentions and the optimazations that they have to include into the driver are different from the 32bit to the 64bit platform... just be patient a little more... I'm sure they will an update soon... btw: are you sure the drivers don't recognize newest chipsets? they might...

anyway: don't make the mistake buying an ati card if you want good support for linux. I found so many problems with it (I tested 4 different graphics cards and they alla had problems)... ATI is not yet ready for linux... I hope they will but for now nvidia is far superior... ati drivers aren't even 2D accellerated...

PS: I'd like to know how is life with the 64bit cpu? does it worth such an upgrade? applications run as well as they did with the 32bit cpu? thanx...
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