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Default Re: *** Official Sim City (5) Discussion ***

Originally Posted by tornadog View Post
Heres my impressions from yesterday night's session;

Logged in to Origin, downloaded game, download was fast. Started the game, said there was an update, started updating, kept going and going. So went to watch Person of Interest. Came back and was ready to play, was connected to the Europe server. So I checked the server list and selected USA East. Kept spinning for 5 minutes and finally connected. Clicked play, could hear the intro music but screen was blank. After 2 minutes, connection dropped and back to the launch screen. Click play again and finally in. It asks me to play the tutorial.

City loads, takes another 2 minutes to load. Once in the city, it asks me to build a road. An arrow shows where to click but theres nothing there. Invisible menu items. Hover over and then click blindly and yay road selected. Go through a few more things laying down zones. Each time menu item is invisible. Next it tells me to get water from nearby city, and to click the region map. Click. Blank screen. 3 minutes later connection dropped and back to home screen. Now tutorial option is gone. All I have is play and I can select other peoples cities or whatever. Click quit.

To be continued tonight....
Had similar problems with the bits of the screen missing, found the way to resolve was to go not full screen and play in windowed mode.

Loads pretty quickly and works fine for me. Got a 3 city area, first city is getting quite large, second one is buying in everything from the first, so its tough to build anything including roads... Long

Trying to make it a tourist town, and then have people commute to my mining town.
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