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Default Re: I will never buy ASUS again

Originally Posted by jcniest5 View Post
I don't get what you are trying to prove. MS Updating three days in a roll damage the card? That's so weird - more like impossible! How would MS updating damage the card?
ok, and bare in mind this is because my stupid ass didn't turn off auto update

Day one, MS updates the drivers. Once update has been done desktop is getting graphical errors. I go into deivce manager roll back drivers back to the 310s i had been using. desktop and gaming as usuall.

Day two, rince and repeat above only this time starting to get graphical errors every where, even on the net. rolling back fixes issue and its back to having fun.

Day three, this time rolling back the driver doesn't help, MS driver update has damage the card and gets graphical errors no matter what.

And to say MS can't possibly do something like this is just stupid and shows lack of knowledge. I work on pcs for a living and can't count the number of times a MS driver update has screwed something up within a machine. some examples are:

touchpad driver updates and touchpad no longer functions, sound card driver updates and no longer outputs sond to system speakers or headphone jack. video driver cause graphical errors or my personnal fav, black screen on windows boot up. again these are just some examples.
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