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Originally Posted by dillzz View Post

Great thanks for the update! I have been offline for a while - sorry for the delay. What DE do you use? Can you use the built in xrandr to configure the screens or nvidias util? With mine I have to do everything by hand. Also, just to verify, you get a compositing window manager with proper maximize behavior (to only one screen, not stretched)? If that is the case that is great and I think it might be time to upgrade!
I am at the latest KDE. and yes, i can use xrandr to rotate or re-organise the "starting positions" of my screens. i usually use NV-controll to generate my config file, its nice for screen positioning.

I got full compositing on my desktop, i could enlarge programms like unigine-valey to run over all 4 screens with hardware accell.

Windows "snap" on all 4 screens at the borders like it would only be one only screen, pressing the maximize button in a programm maximises the window to the screen where it currently is, not to the whole desktop. If you want your programm streched over the whole desktop, you need to drag it yourself. ^^

I am using a GTX660Ti now with dual dvi, displayport and hdmi.

The GT 640 had dual dvi, vga and hdmi.
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