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Post Warframe goes Open Beta, showcases GPU PhysX effects

If you are following our news line closely, the fact that Warframe will support GPU PhysX will not be a surprise for you ' we have already wrote an article about the status of PhysX SDK and APEX integration in this upcoming MMO-cooperative shooter from Digital Extremes.

Now, the official announcement and comparison video from NVIDIA are about to bring this title to the broader audience.

Powered by Digital Extremes' own Evolution Engine, Warframe not only uses PhysX SDK 3.2 for collision detection, rigid body physics and ragdolls, but also includes extra PhysX effects through APEX Particles 1.2 and APEX Turbulence 1.2 modules.

Turbulence effects (and they prevailing over common particles) in Warframe are ones of the best, if not the best, we saw so far:
  • they are visually rich and vibrant
  • they are many (almost every ability of every power suit is enhanced, plus destructible objects, explosive barrels, dissolving corpses and more)
  • they fit into the visual style and atmosphere of the game almost perfectly
  • they are technically advanced (full collision with dynamic characters and static level geometry, good performance even on single GPU)
And all this is already in the Beta. We are thrilled to see what developers will come up with in the final release.

Head on over to the to sign up for Open Beta, and don't forget to check the developer interview at

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