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Post The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for wondering why you sent Jim a link to a story last night, prompting him to mail asking you to do the Sunday Papers tomorrow as Walker and he are on planes. Still ' probably worth Jim owing you a favour, so you talk your parents' barely functional PC into accessing the RPS WordPress back-end and see if you can collate a few of the finer pieces of games-related reading from across the week for the RPS readers' entertainment and try not pay tribute to two awesome pop bands who took their final bow this week in a cheery attempt to annoy those terminally addicted to invigorating drone.
  • This week Apple decided to pull Sweatshop from the Apple Store, as they viewed its educational approach towards the issue of sweatshops as somehow inappropriate. Designer Simon Parkin writes about his experiences over at The Guardian. Frankly, this sort of bull**** happens whenever you hand a curatorial role over to a ****ing corporation. The main reason I'm always as pro-PC as I have been is because of that. You cannot trust a corporation with that kind of control of an artform. (moreā?¦)

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