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Default Re: Playstation 4 = Complete let down!

Originally Posted by sytaylor View Post
Barely keeping up with current gen PC's doesn't seem worth it to me?
By current I presume you mean top end? Fitting a cutting edge setup in a small box for under 400 would be a little difficult by anyone's standards.

In a closed environment like a console affords there are no constraints imposed by resource hungry OS's or API's. Look at what is being produced on the PS3 and 360 almost 10 years into their life cycle, it's amazing. And this time around they have really got the balance right in terms of CPU\GPU and the way it is designed to work as one big computational cluster should the dev require it is way out there! It is a pure gaming box in a way that no PC could ever be given the current technology.

Looking at the specs for the PS4 it is just a developers wet dream. I find nothing in there to be disappointed about.
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