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Originally Posted by sytaylor View Post
See, I look at Bioshock vs Bioshock infinite, and I can see the frame rate demands are a bit too much for current consoles, but it's not the leap that PS3 was over PS2, and again, that wasn't the leap that PS2 was over PS1...

Is it just me or do the returns we get every generation seem to become limited? Consoles are good enough for most styles of gameplay and their threat is from mobile or even gaming on demand services rather than each other.
Absolutely. We're also seeing that in the PC gaming side, too. I hope that we're just pushing against a wall that we'll smash through and have hardware / APIs that just blow our minds, but I really think we've started to see diminishing returns with regards to hardware horsepower versus image quality and overall graphic realism.

This is bad news for the enthusiast and hardware markets, but great news for gamers. Take a look at sites like NVNEWS. Even before the summer blowout sale (lol, that's officially what I'm calling last summer), this site was becoming more and more of a hangout and less of a place for technical discussion. I've seen that all around the web. Yes, there are still active communities out there, but they certainly don't seem to be growing. This is because "good enough" hardware has become a commodity. You can build a really good system for cheap that plays pretty much anything with amazing graphics and very playable frame rates. The same is obviously applying to console systems looking at the Wii U and the PS4.

But, some of the best games that I've played recently haven't even been 3d or pushing the edge on graphics. I'm LOVING Mark of the Ninja. It's just fantastic. I played through both Shank games before that. And Bastion not long before that. On the other side, the wife and I DO both really like Boarderlands 2 and Dead Island. They are both fun, have a ton of depth, and look quite nice to boot.

Yay for talking about games at NVNEWS!
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