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Default Re: Playstation 4 = Complete let down!

Ray Kurzwiel writes about how the law of diminishing returns and the law of accelerated returns are actually complimentary. All the way back to punch card machines a technology has appeared, accelerated hit a wall, only to be replaced by a new technology within a decade.

I suspect we're there with silicon. That or, in a world with finite resources that chooses to invest in yesterdays fuels rather than tomorrow's computers like the car will become 3-4% more efficient every year, leading to smaller, lighter devices year after year

The most likely result is we're heading towards the uncanny valley

Where things get so close to real it starts makes us feel revulsion towards the character. The simpler the character, the easier it is to like. Mario = easy to like. Max Payne, takes a little more work. The cast of GTA V takes a massive budget and years of effort.

My younger sister is 15, and watches other people commentating on people driving tractors and trucks together online. Maybe as I edge closer to 30 gaming has changed, and the concentration in the gaming market is because

1) I only have time to buy and play 3 or 4 games a year
2) Kids of today like f*cking weird sh*t

Either way. Bioshock infinite looks awesome. PS4, not so much. I spend most of my time on Fifa 13.
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