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Default She's mine, all mine ...

Signed the contract and made the final payment today, taking delivery next weekend when it's regged and setup with the extras i wanted (seatcowl, brake reservoirs front/back, black levers, led indicators etc) .

Been a long time coming, made the downpayment the 7th of february and they got the first 2013 daytona ( Mine) this wednesday. Because of harsh insurance terms for supersportbikes here sweden is a small market for the Daytona and not exactly on the upper half of priority markets. If you are under 25 and live in the city the insurance costs will be just about as much as the retail for the bike, it is that insane. For me it will be fine though since i'm not 25 anymore Will pay roughly 250$ for each month used and around 30 $ /month during the winter, i can gladly live with that . Been a cold spring sofar so it didn't matter that much that the delivery is kinda late. I love it to bits, it's beautiful up close.

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