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Anyone notice the following:

Relatively low-poly models... Make for some chinky heads/helmets/accessories. This is made more pronounced by the shadows.

LOW RES TEXTURES! Lack of detail textures! Look at the pic with the cave wall! I would have liked to see UT-style s3tc-like superhighrez textures when you get REALLY close to a surface.

Low poly environments. Gone are the curvylicious days of Quake3. Were'e back to octagonal pipes and individually visible planes on curved surfaces! (see the curvy wall in the pic with the scientist.


Everything is a stupid, lame WHITE light. No nice, scary ambient greens/blues.

No pixelshader effects or special maps on surfaces. See newer DeusEx2 screns to see what I mean!

The monitor doesnt 'glow'. It's little touches like this that make games all the more immersive!

Too much influence exerted by the Rolling stones! "I see a red door and I want it painted black. No colors anymore the textures must be BLACK...."


Unreal2 engine LOOKS MORE IMPRSSIVE! I can't believe I just said that!

Ive always hated Unreal engine tech with a passion! But DeusEx2 looks more graphicallyimpressive than Doom3!

That's a good thing. Gameplay on deusEx WILL BE FANTASTIC. Uncle Warren Spector made the damn game. Doom 3 is an unknown.

Knowing ID, it's probably 100% Run-and-gun with the typical stupid, "run towards player" AI.

This was fine in quake1, since THAT GAME COST ME $20 (best 20 bucks i ever spent!) and the main appeal was quakeworld multiplayer.

ARG! Doom3 will suck! The more I see of it, the more I know it will be true!

Now please go to Doom3: Who cares? v1.5
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