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Default If anyone knows Peter's info, call the cops and have them check up on him

Edit: police have been informed.

I think he just left a suicide note...

Originally Posted by m4trix View Post
I have always thought this was stupid. But somehow since i have beeen here al these years on good and bad. Its a part of what im leaving behind.

Computer and hardware have always been one of my main hobbies. I dont know where to begin...If there are any need for more information Hapatingjaky can help

I played the best i could to make me a good life, but it have failed. The letters are made and done. I have no escuse but i can claw my self up any more.

There are allot of really good people here. I wish you all the best.

If you bealive i will see you on the other side.

Bye, may the forgive me when they grow up.
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