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Default Re: GTX 480 not detected on debian/windows

I am having the same exact issue with my EVGA GTX550 Ti and Gigabyte mobo. no video output with either dvi output. have not tried the mini-hdmi output as i dont have the adapter. Works fine when card is out of the machine and using integrated graphics with VGA. done the bios update and all that. nothing works. I took the video card to my friends computer and it works fine, so I thought it was my motherboard. Replaced mobo with ASUS and still had the same issue. I returned the ASUS and now back with Gigabyte. In my BIOS, it does not have the option to disable on-board graphics, it has:

Video.......Enable VGA if no PCI

Can someone help us out please, some tips and suggestions...!!!


ps, I am using Fedora 18, I've also tried using Manjaro, Slackware, Puppy, Frugalware and Parted Magic. None show output with video card

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