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Originally Posted by mullet View Post
OMG dude, that gets me wanting to get a setup going. The tri monitor is the only way to go. I know you are running SLI. 2 x 680 4GB cards good enough? You are a pretty good driver dude, I watched the whole video. The night racing was pretty awesome.

BTW good to see you Muppet. I miss the old days.
Triples is the way to go for iRacing, no doubt. However, I'm using the separate screen rendering option, which calculates three independent views depending on your screens, bezel size and screen angle. This results in the best multi-monitor support of any game out there but completely kills SLI scaling. For iRacing it's best to get a single 680 or TITAN.
Depending on the resolution, you can maxed it out easily with those cards. Personally I run it without the highest shadow options to get a constant frame rate.

Glad you liked the video

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
Looks pretty sweet slaWter. Still rockin the HP's I see.
Yes. No need to upgrade as I'm still very happy with them, especially for iRacing.
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