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Default Finally Back, After Near Fatal Motorcycle Wreck

Hey guys, been a long time!

Short version: Around 3 months ago I totaled my brand new 2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 by crashing it into a steel pipe fence going around 40mph.

This is the bike:

I don't have any memory of the wreck itself, and the last thing I recall before the wreck was stopping at a stop sign a few miles from the scene of the incident. Next thing I recall is waking up laying on my back out in a grassy field, just looking at the beautiful blue sky. I initially thought that I must have got hammered drunk the night before and passed out in someone's yard. I then noticed that something was attached to my head, and it was about 2/3's of my motorcycle helmet. 1/3 of the helmet had been blasted off when I hit the fence (if not for that helmet, I'd surely be dead).

At that point I looked down and saw the remains of my motorcycle about 15 yards in front of me, and figured out I had been in a wreck. And to my immediate left, the mangled remains of my left leg. I snapped my femur in two, and my shinbone was shattered into 7 pieces, one of which was 2 inches long and lying on the ground next to me (they couldn't put it back in because of risk of infection and wouldn't let me keep it either!) The tibia and fibula fractures were almost all compound, I had bones sticking out in 4 different spots, and blood was quickly making it's way out of my body.

I pulled out my cell phone to call for help, only to discover that it had been smashed at some point during impact and was of no use to me. So, I just had to lie down and wait. Literally it felt like I was just waiting to die, and it wasn't that bad. I didn't feel any pain, it was strangely serene, and I was feeling pretty tired. I figured if I was going to die,this sure beats the hell out of kicking in in a musky old nursing home or dingy hospital room.

A few minutes later a guy rushes down and asks if I'm ok. I glanced over myself, then back up at him and said "......naw man, I'm pretty sure I'm definitely not ok. My phone broke in the wreck, I think you need to call an ambulance because I'm pretty sure I'm dying, and make the ambulance call quick so you can call my parents and tell them where I'm and what's happened." By some miracle I was actually able to recall their cell phone numbers without access to my phone.

An EMT shows up and basically says they need a helicopter, because I wouldn't survive an ambulance ride to the nearest trauma center that could treat me. Parents arrive, hysterical, I try to assure them I'm "ok", but they can tell I'm in really bad shape. Helicopter lands, and an emt tells me he has to straighten out my left leg to get me on the stretcher. I say "go ahead, it doesn't hurt at all right now, I think I'm paralyzed", he responds "'re not paralyzed, you're just in shock, and moving this leg is probably going to hurt, bad".

It did. Pain so excessive my consciousness rapidly faded to black. A short while later I regain consciousness while on the chopper and try to enjoy the ride. Arrive at the hospital and they put me straight into surgery. They decide to save the leg, and put a titanium rod from my hip to knee, and a second titanium rod from knee to ankle. (I'm being transformed into a terminator). I had to receive 4 units of blood, and spent a week in the hospital.

X-Ray of my lower leg after surgery (the bright bar is the titanium rod)

It was brutal.
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