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And ? It's not like i don't know that motorcyclists crash and get injured/killed. But honestly, there's a lot more people getting killed in carcrashes and other accidents so do you fear for your life everytime you drive your car ? It's like saying to smokers that it's dangerous to smoke, some of them quit, some don't , others get sick in lungcancer and some smoke until they die of old age. But regardless of somethings danger people will do it anyway if they enjoy it.

Motorcycling has been a part of my life now for 40 years and i can't really tell what you are trying to accomplish with your posts. It IS dangerous but i'm aware of that, it isnt like you are telling me something new. I can post a lot of stories of people getting killed in carcrashes the next time you drive somewhere if that's going to make you happy ......

If you drive responsibly and are aware of what others do in traffic and you try to think ahead you can minimize the dangers, that's what i'm doing.

Butter was injured in a freak accident, had he been in a car and crashed into the same gate at the same speed chances are that he would have gotten injured then aswell. Not as severly but the bike or the bikeriding itself didn't make him crash. All it takes is a fraction of a seconds loss of concentration and you can die regardless of what you drive, ride or even if you walk, but would you seriously live your life that way ? If you avoid everything that can potentially kill you you might aswell end it yourself because your life will not be worth living.
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