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Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
Butter was injured in a freak accident, had he been in a car and crashed into the same gate at the same speed chances are that he would have gotten injured then aswell. Not as severly but the bike or the bikeriding itself didn't make him crash. All it takes is a fraction of a seconds loss of concentration and you can die regardless of what you drive, ride or even if you walk, but would you seriously live your life that way ? If you avoid everything that can potentially kill you you might aswell end it yourself because your life will not be worth living.
Agreed. I've been riding bikes for years, and have even completed both the basic and advanced motorcycle riding classes that are offered here. So I think I can safely say that my wreck wasn't a result of inexperience, trying to show-off, etc.

If I had jumped off the bike (like I have in the past with another bike before hitting a car that pulled out in front of me) I wouldn't have been injured that badly. But I must have thought I could get the bike steered back onto the road, and obviously failed (ground was too wet/muddy, so once that cruiser left the road it couldn't do anything but travel in a straight line)

You've got a beautiful bike though, take care of it, and ride safe! (And if you're ever about to crash into a steel pipe fence, just jump off the bike, don't try to save it
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