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Default Re: Finally Back, After Near Fatal Motorcycle Wreck

Originally Posted by Butter Bandit View Post
I'm pretty good. The femur has nearly completely healed. The tibia (shinbone) still isn't showing any signs of healing (no callous showing up on x-rays). I have full range of motion in the left leg however, so once the tibia heals up I'll be able to put weight on the left leg and likely make a full recovery. Estimate on how long it will be before I can put weight on the left leg is anywhere from 1 month to 9 months from now.

I can *technically* walk right now, and the surgeon even told me that I could probably walk around on it for several months or a year even without the shinbone healing up....however, because all of my weight would be supported by two screws in the top and bottom of the shinbone, micro-fractures would start to form where the rod is bolted to the bone, and eventually the rod would simply break free of the bone, which would likely force them to put my left leg in traction and I'd be stuck in a hospital bed for several months. Therefore, I only use the left leg in emergencies, and put as little weight as possible on it.

The torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder is actually more painful than my left leg, but I can't have surgery to fix that right now because I'd have my arm in a sling for a couple of months, preventing me from using crutches, a walker, or even a wheelchair. Basically I just have to deal with it until I can put weight on my leg....the surgeon is a bit worried about that because he is afraid I am making the rotator cuff injury worse by relying on the arm to get around, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. I can't afford to not be able to get around on my own.

Unless a witness to the accident comes forward, or I magically regain my memory, I doubt we'll ever know for sure what happened.
Torn Rotator cuff ain't a joke. Shoulder pain is one of the worst pains someone can feel. I tore my rotator cuff and broke my shoulder into 4 pieces last year. Excruciating. I hate to break it to you, but after your surgery, its going to feel 10 times worse. You'll be in significant pain for a solid 2+ months after your surgery and for the first 2 weeks the pain is near unbearable (just being honest).

I feel for you man. I know I just spelled out bad stuff, but its better to know than not to know. You'll get through it.
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