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Post The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for worshipping the sun god. Careful though, because sacrificing meat on the burning altar of bar-be-cue may enrage him further. Later, as you hide in your cave from the blazing skygod, perhaps you'll read about the happenings of the computer people. Or perhaps you'll simply sleep.
  • Simon Parkin on 'that cancer game': 'Joel is four years old and currently fighting his third year of terminal cancer. His young body has already endured a life's worth of surgery, of chemotherapy, of prayer. The tumours have left him partially deaf and blind and, at one point, forced him to relearn how to walk. Yet he remains a survivor, confounding his medical team's expectations with a resolute determination to stick with life, with his brothers, with his lot. But while the family remain in the eye of this storm ' next week Joel has an MRI scan to check whether the skewered tumours have returned ' they've chosen this moment to express their story through a video game. Why now?' (moreā?¦)

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