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Default Re: Mint cinnamon and Nvidia drivers?

Somehow these two posts got reversed: to see the problem see the following post. This one is the work-around.

OK, I've think I've gotten to the bottom of this. It is an Nvidia issue that appears in certain circumstances (not really a bug). It has nothing to do with Cinnamon or Mate. Here's the issue and the work-around. To see if the bottom menu bar was really gone or just out of sight, I openned nvidia-settings as root, and changed to a lower resolution. That showed that the bar was still there, so cinnamon was OK. Then I went back to nvidia-settings > X Server Display Configuration and saw that "Twin View" was selected and both screens were enabled even though I had only one screen. So I disabled the screen labeled CRT, and checked the prefered box for the other "real" DFP-1 screen. Then logout/login and now the bars were visible.

On LMDE, my other cinnamon OS, this did not immediately work. So while Twin Views were both enabled, I selected "DFP-1" and changed it's Absolute position from "+0+0" to "+0+40" then logout/login. This seemed to jog it. After that, I could disable the unused "CRT" screen.

I've never needed to do this with previous Nvidia drivers on any linux desktop, so I don't know why this happened. It might have something to do with my screen set up. I don't have dual screens, rather I have a single screen to handle two machines and use a KVM switch to toggle between them. However, this has never come up before. In any case, this was quite vexing, so I offer the steps to anyone else who has the issue.
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