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Default My new GTX 780

I went ahead and picked up an EVGA GTX 780 SC. I was going to get a Titan but decided to wait for the 780. So glad I did! The GTX 780 SC is factory overclocked to 941 MHz from the default 863MHz with a boost up to 993MHz. I upgraded from a GTX 580 and what a difference. The GTX 780 is easily twice as fast, and it's probably 95% as fast as the Titan for $369 dollars less! While that the GTX 780 isn't worth the money, hey, you get what you pay for. I felt that the Titan was outrageously overpriced, but the GTX 780 is right on target. With no competition from AMD, NVIDIA can charge whatever it wants. I'll have some benchmarks up later.
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