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Default Re: Why not let Democrats enact total gun control and raise the top marginal rate to

Well I am a registered democrat, but I am against guns being taken away. I believe in freedoms, but the power should be in the hands of the people, not the government. My other liberal minded democrat friends feel the same as I do, that taking guns is just one of the many ways the system wants to strip power from the people. From my experience only democratic politicians want to take gun, which is why I said only the government wants to take guns, and those of the people who are sold on what their "side" sells them. Most people are just slaves to what they are sold.

Politics is so weird. I mean explain this to me: Liberals want total freedom, fewer police/military that would interfere with those freedoms, so essentially more power to the people, yet they want big government to be in control which only serves to strip the power fromn the people. They want what goes against what they want. It's a walking contradiction.

Conservatives want less freedoms, solid rules and regulations, so more police and military to enforce the rules, yet they want small government. How can they want more rules, police and military yet want small government at the same time? Again walking contradiction.

Do you see what I'm getting at? It's like the boxer in the red corner fighting himself, and the boxer in the blue also fighting himself, but trying to fight each other too. The crowd beleives they are fighting each other and is therefore trying to pick their favorite color. The boxers are already divided within their selves, and they can't comes to terms with that fact by saying to each other "what the hell are we doing fighting ourselves?" because the people only want to see them fight each other, so the people don't even allow them to talk honestly about what is really going on.

Hope that makes sense. I just can't take a side anymore. Its all so silly. Picking a side only further divides. To me we have to erase the pary line and work like one family. When liberals and conservatives demonize each other that can't happen.
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