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Default Haswell is here!

The NDA is lifted and quite a few interesting reviews are up:


Iris Pro 5200 Mobile GPU:


I think it looks quite good overall. As the focus was clearly on mobile products, Haswell will be very important for upcoming notebooks. High End products like the Retina MacBook Pros should use Iris Pro 5200 and that will be a major improvement over the current generation when running without the dedicated GPU on the go. Overall CPU performance will probably be similar to current notebooks in day-to-day usage but the battery life should be fantastic! With WWDC just a few days away, I'm really looking forward to the new Mac line-up now

On the desktop side it's more like a small improvement. The Z87 chipset with more native USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 ports is probably the most important change.

Anyone here looking to upgrade?
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