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Post Metro: Last Light PhysX Benchmarks roundup

PC version of recently released Metro: Last Light title features not only vivid DX11 based graphics, but also hardware accelerated PhysX effects.

In the following article we'll try to gather the most reliable and accurate GPU PhysX benchmarks and tests for this game.

[14.05.2013] Metro Last Light ' GPU Test by GameGPU

Sufficient amount of NVIDIA GPUs was tested in this article with the help of Metro's built-in benchmark. However, since heavy graphics options (like SSAA) were used, it is hard to determine actual PhysX performance.

[19.05.2013] Metro: Last Light ' demanding beauty by PC Tuning

Built-in benchmark was used in this article to measure GPU PhysX performance. Radeon cards are in this case are limited to CPU execution of extra physics effects.

[22.05.2013] Metro: Last Light ' Performance Testing by

A set of NVIDIA GPUs was tested with nominal (top) and overclocked (bottom) frequencies in default Metro benchmark.

[24.05.2013] GPU PhysX in Metro: Last Light by

Our article contains benchmarks (both GPU acceleration and CPU execution) with only one configuration, but in actual in-game scene with heavy PhysX effects.

[29.05.2013] Metro: Last Light Video Card Performance and IQ Review by HardOCP

Only single GTX 680 was utilized for GPU PhysX testing in the article by HardOCP. However, one can find some nice comparison screenshots there.

[29.05.2013] NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Review by F-Center

While this article is actually a review of the new GTX 780 GPU, it also contains detailed benchmarks of Metro: Last Light with GPU PhysX enabled.

[30.05.2013] NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 ' MSI Lightning Review by

Yet another GPU review (this time ' GTX 770) with Metro: Last Light benchmarks.

' We'll update this post as more articles emerge '

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