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Default Re: My new MSI Gaming gtx 770

bummer, I had to sell the gtx 770. MSI and gigabyte use dual 8 pin pci-e power. The rest of the brands for gtx 770 use 6+8pin pci-e power. My power supply wasn't powerful enough for the msi gaming gtx 770. (650 watt 80 plus platinum antec). What happens is that without drivers in windows 8, the screen goes blank. With windows 7, you can get to desktop but if you try to install any nvidia driver, the screen goes blank even after a reboot. I thought it was a bad card and sold it for someone to RMA. Found out the card worked fine in his system and my motherboard is fine. (tested my mb with a gigabyte gtx 560 soc 1gb). The guy I sold it to had a corsair ax860i 860 watt 80 plus platinum. So, since I have to pay a collection agency for a $725 cdn cell bill from 2011 over the next 3 months, I am getting a PNY gtx 660 ti 2gb from newegg for $280 cdn ($329 and change with tax and shipping). Plus I get metro last light. Only requires 2 6pin pci-e and a 450 watt psu. Might get a second gtx 660 ti and sli them. Have to get a better psu 1st as it only has 2 6+2 pin pci-e connectors and the power draw would be too much.
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