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Post The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for getting home late from London because of tea. No, really, tea is to blame for a late Sunday Papers.
  • True PC Gaming's Roguelikes Breakdown is, well, true PC gaming. They don't manage to avoid the 'rouge' typo, though. 'When you find loot in a Roguelike it may not always be something good. One of the classic tropes is undefined items. In these games you will come across a potion and the only description you get is ' a blue potion. You have no idea what it does. Well, why would you? Some guy just wandering through a dungeon shouldn't automatically know everything about what's down there. You have three choices of what to do with the blue potion: drink it, drop it or hold it and hope to identify it later. Drinking is the quickest, but most dangerous, option. Some potions may restore health or temporarily increase your attack power, but not all are beneficial. If it poisons, paralyzes or permanently reduces your strength then you know not to drink any more.' (moreā?¦)

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