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WAITAMINUTE - I was just reminded of an incident that I had pushed back to the recesses of my brain because I was so ashamed at myself. I had told a story in this thread about my adventure installing an 850 MHz Athlon and not plugging the fan into the correct header.

Well, several months later I was going to upgrade my system to a 1.2 GHz processor. I picked up an OEM one, new fan and some thermal compound as I had run out of Arctic Silver 2. Not ordering more AS2 and using that cheap **** thermal compound proved to be a huge mistake.

I got home with my new CPU and installed it what I thought properly. I power on my machine - nothing. Put my old fan on and power on - nothing. After many minutes of this I took out the 1.2 GHz to see the core had been completely fried. So, I figure I'll put my old 850 in. Power on - I get into the BIOS and the temp of the CPU is about 50 degrees C. That ain't good because prior to this 1.2 GHz CPU, it never ran hotter than about 38 degrees. I mess around with it some more, power on my system and nothing, again.

I had fried my 850 CPU as well. And in the process created two lovely burns in both heatsinks I had at the time. That night I ordered a new 1.2 GHz CPU, Globalwin CAK38 HSF and Arctic Silver 2. I put that in and the computer worked beautifully until I sold it to a friend and the Globalwin HSF fell off the CPU, busting the AGP slot.

So after all was said and done with this, I was out 2 CPU's and 2 heatsinks and a whole lot of money.

I can PM you my name address so you can send me that shim, hehe.
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