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Just be aware - RHL9 does NOT have the acpi support that Fedora Core 1 has!

I started out with Red Hat Linux 9 and for a time I had both distros installed at the same time. I wanted to get a feel for FC1 before dumping RHL9. While I have warm feelings for RHL9, I would be hard pressed to leave FC1 to go back to it!!!

I'm not saying if you go to FC1 your acpi issues will be solved - they will not be as acpi support is still in beta and has a long way to go. (For instance, on my Gateway M500 I do have a battery capacity readout and two temperature readouts working.) Plus, depending on the laptop you use, you may need to do additional work - installing a DSDT file, etc.

Here is a link where you may be able to find some help:

Sir, I wish you lotsa luck in your acpi efforts...
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