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Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Well i bought borderlands GOTY edition ages ago on steam but never really got into it.

Bought borderlands 2 & the season pass along with all other available DLC not included in the season pass, Bought the game on the 22 Dec gone and ive already clocked 150+ hours in the game, The game is a blast solo but even more so in co-op with friends on TS3.
what's included and not included in the season pass for DLC in general? I have the base game but no dlc and if the season pass comes with most of the dlc, I wouldn't mind picking it up. I played out 1/2 of the game as a gunzerker but I recently stumbled upon a 3d vision fan site called helix mod that allows borderlands 2 to be played in 3d vision. Looks awesome in 3d! It's not a normal 3d vision game where they put the menus up front and everything behind. They have menus at different depths. The mod uses nvidia inspector to remove the borderlands 2 profile and use the alice:madness returns profile for 3d vision. They also do a shadowoverride mod for the game too. Warning, if you play borderlands in 3d vision, the helix mod site recommends not playing as the gunzerker. Hence, I am replaying the game again from the start as the commando.
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