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Default No gain in perf after install 9800 > 640

I'm a little confused here the specs for the gt640 blow the doors off the 9800gt, but when running phoronix test suite universe-x the benchmark numbers are pretty much the same.
On-line benchmarks tell me this card should be about double the 9800. But so far nothing extraordinary. Did I get a lemon or ?

I'm running Linux Mint 13 lts x64. For some reason the system would not load the drivers already installed, so I tried to uninstall/reinstall the supplied drivers no joy, I then d/l'ed and installed the Nvidia drivers from their web site just to even get the card to run. I would have thought that it should be a simple plug in and play, but not this time.

Is there something I forgot to do to get the card to run?

btw: the drivers I installed are 319.32
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