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Default TV-Out on Ti4600 w/HDTV

I have a MSI Ti4600 and a Toshiba 42" Cinema Series HDTV (at least I have them here in the store, not personally . I am trying to get the TV-Out on the 4600 to look decent. When activated, the HDTV will display a picture at the proper size/aspect ration. HOWEVER, there is a very noticable pattern on the image. It is sort of a "checkerboard" effect that scrolls through the image. Does anyone know a way to fix this problem? I have tried 600x400, 640x480, and 800x600 resolutions, as they are all that are included in the drivers by default. I have read that you can alter the .ini to give custom resolutions that may work better than these. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: The TV is hooked up to the card via a standard S-Video cable. Would moving to DVI (the TV natively supports DVI in) fix my problem?
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