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Default Re: Why not let Democrats enact total gun control and raise the top marginal rate to

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
They don't really indicate what metrics they're using. I have a feeling that since they compared multiple countries (not just comparing US to UK,) they probably did their homework and used raw data rather than reports, otherwise the whole article would be meaningless.

I do know this anecdotally:

I have a friend from England who tells me that there is a bigger douchebag to normal person ratio. I.e. he told me about one time how he was just walking along and somebody out at random he didn't even know just punched him in the face and ran off. That and skinheads, which pretty much don't exist here. The closest to that is the klan, but you pretty much have to go looking for them to find them.

And then there's an article I was reading a while back where Indian call centers were saying that the British were always by far the most rude people they deal with, with Germans being the least rude, and Americans not far behind them.

Not passing judgement on Brits by the way, two of my best friends are British (one from Leeds, one from somewhere in Wales.) Just saying what I know.
The whole article is meaningless. Typical tabloid newspaper rubbish.

The global peace index tries to use more sensible metrics I guess:

In the uk there are good and bad areas like everywhere really.
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