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Post Re: Modding my old EVGA GeForce 8800 GT video card's fan to blow heat from the PC cas

Originally Posted by Zapablast05 View Post
Wow. Your temps are pretty high... My CPU idling temp for Core #0 is 29C with a slight overclock and aftermarket cooling. My GPU temp 47C idle. How many intake and exhaust fans do you have? That could be the issue, maybe even dust or constricted airways. If you have fans blowing and sucking in every which direction, you'll create a turbulence inside the PC. So, ineffectively, the cooling will not really be cooling anything at all. Have you tried rearranging any wiring, fans, or dusting?

Edit: I'm using Everest to monitor my temps.
I will have to take a picture if I can. See my secondary (Linux) box's details shown in ... It's not crowded inside to me. Fans are all blowing, but I am wondering if my case fans are not blowing hard enough. I can feel some warm/hot air blowing out in the rear vents. Dusts? My hardwares were cleaned out about seven months ago when the issue started with a new case (read my original post).

FYI, so far. No crashes or weird behaviors/symptoms from the extreme 100+F/37.777...C degree heat wave (almost 90+F/32.2222222...C degrees in my upstair room from a few weeks ago.
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